September 14, 2008


Welcome to Ward’s Kitchen where the Global Media/Global Politics Learning Community of American University will begin the process of becoming active consumers of media! We will have at least two substantive blog entries a week and every student will cook up a post twice during the semester. The subjects of the posts will vary, of course, but will mainly deal with the media and their relation to culture, society and politics.

Students, get ready to challenge yourselves and others on the topics that arise! There will be a diversity of views and opinions you are bound to learn from. Visitors, stop by often to see what is cooking in Ward’s Kitchen!

To the right, you will find links to other blogs addressing political, cultural and media topics. You will also find links to the top news stories of the day! If there are cool blogs you would like me to add for others to have essay access to let me know!

(Photo by ericericnshee1987 via Photobucket.)

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Rick Rockwell said...

I'm reposting this comment from Anthony B., folks, as it found its way somewhere else, unintentionally.

Great site! Thanks Erin.

See you all tomarrow,